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Community Outreach

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Community Outreach


ReTemp Mission: Founded 2000 Incorporated June 30th 2001

ReTemp is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation (community outreach center).  ReTemp is 

a (Resource Center)that has a three fold purpost: Exhalation, edification, and Social Action.  ReTemp addresses the soical action segment of the ReTemp mission.  Through its contined labor ReTemp has been able to make a difference in schools, home and communities throughout Sussex County.  The outreach center will target identified services not provided by local state service centers.  Service integration, coordination, information and referrals for drug treatment, crisis intervention, family services, shelters, day care and youth services will be provided


The mission of the ReTemp Development Center is to empower families in becoming self-sufficient, while providing educational training and drug support services in the community.

ReTemp Development Center. Inc. (RTDC) has adopted as its purpose, to inspire and implement social action.  The organization's quest is  to champion community economic develpment strategies--coordinating individuals and organizations in the community to work together to change the lives of residents, regardless of status, one person at a time.  RTDC provided services and programs to create and perpetuate healthy families and communities.  These services include:  food programs, educational training including computer hardware and software classes, youth enrichment, drug intervention, job skills training and prisoner re-entry programs.












With warm regards,

+Leon J.Wilson, MDiv. CPP

+Leon J. Wilson, MDiv.CPP

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