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ReTemp Development Center, Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 organization working to end homelessness and to end hunger, and the worst aspects of poverty to the countless number of homeless men and women  with children and families that are living in vacant and abandoned housing and on the streets of our cities and communities around the country.

Why is an organization like ReTemp Development Center. Inc necessary?.  Here are some of the problems that the organization is helping to solve:

  • ReTemp Development Center provides total meals annually to at risk homeless males, women, and women with children and families in Sussex County.

  • ReTemp Development Center provides support/service linkage to community's  

      service providers to address the needsw of at-risk homeless males, women and   ​

      women with children and families ranging from eighteen and upward, as well as

      providing the needed continuum of medical services through our community 


  • More than 300 men.women and children nightly are homeless every night living in vacant and abandoned housing and on the streets within Sussex County and surrounding areas.

ReTemp Development Center, Inc addresses the need to end hunger and homelessness throughout Sussex County amongst this at-risk population.  There are many predominant causes of homelessness that can be generalized into four factors:

  • Lack of an adeguate income

  • Lack of affordable housing

  • Lack of adequate health insurance combined with poor health

  • Lack of adequate discharge planning from public institution

Experts on both the political system and poverty reduction are looking for creative and effective solutions from organizations like ReTemp Development Center, Inc. and other collaborative partnerships that are most effective in working to correct the injustices of homelessness and poverty.  We will continue to work with our elected officials, contact people in the media, and persuade decision-makers to support legislation, policies, and funding for men, women, children and families, basic education, jobs and work force develpmentm, affordable housing and health care that help destitute people pull themselves out of poverty, and other proven ways to alleviate unnecessary suffering.  Your donation support and involvement with ReTemp Development Center will show that people of our communities do care, and that your voice is heard because ReTemp Development Center is making a difference.

With warm regards,

+Leon J.Wilson, MDiv. CPP

+Leon J. Wilson, MDiv.CPP

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