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Meet Our Pastor

Bishop Leon J. Wilson

Bishop Leon J. Wilson.png
Bishop Leon J. Wilson

The Vision

This is the vision given to Bishop Leon J. Wilson.

It is my prayer that we all take on the spirit of "Unity"

and all speak the same thing. Father God we thank


you for blessing us with Rehoboth Temple of Praise


as we are determine to be excellent and prepare

Ministers and Ministries for the 21st century.

We declare and confess that we shalt do ”exploits".

We declare and confess that our God has made room for us and we shall be

fruitful in the land We declare and confess that we are heated in our minds, in

our finances, in our relationships, in our homes and in our bodies. We declare

and confess that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We declare and

confess that we are one Father God as you are one. We declare and confess

that we are a loving church committed to love and Unity. We declare and

confess that Rehoboth Temple of Praise is a praising church that will give the

in fruit of our lips and sacrifice of praise. We declare and confess that


Rehoboth Temple of Praise shall see the supernatural because we serve a


super—natural God and our faith says that we are supernatural people We


declare and confess that our families will be a beacon in the community and

have honest report. We declare and confess that our membership and temple


shall be filled with 1,500 faith and spirit filled (Holy Spirit] believers, tithers,


givers of their offerings and of themselves We declare and confess that our


new temple shall come to past; our youth, senior, drug, school, outreach,


television, radio, book, tape and music ministries shall save thousands. Father


God, bless our efforts. We look to you and you alone to open the windows of


heaven. For there is none like you. And it shall come to posts Praise the Lord:


So it is; So it shall be.


Bishop Leon J. Wilson has successfully established the Rehoboth Temple of Praise and ReTemp Development Center both based in Delaware. Bishop Wilson is also a certified Conflict Mediator and licensed Certified Prevention Professional.  

In addition, Bishop Wilson received the "Citizen of the Year Award 2007" from the FBI for his outstanding dedication and personal commitment in serving both the faith-based community and surrounding community areas within the Maryland and Delaware Region, in providing such services as mentoring, family counseling, linkages to community service providers, drug and addiction prevention and intervention programs and community outreach.

Bishop Wilson's education background includes a degree in education from the Virginia Seminary & College and a Master of Divinity from Eastern Theological.  In addition, Bishop Wilson is a dedicated and loving husband and and father.  Bishop Wilson and Lady Dorothy I. Wilson thru marriage are blessed with five sons and he is an accomplished musician and has served many churches in the capacity and also served in the Army.

Education: (1970 - Present)

Morgan State University (History/Music major).

Community College of Baltimore (Music/Sociology).

Virginia Seminary & College (Bachelors of Religious Education).

Eastern Theological Master of Divinity

Center for Conflict Resolution (Certified mediator).

Community outreach, funding and grants.



Establishmentarian  (Rehoboth Temple of Praise)

Establishmentarian   (ReTemp Development Corporation)

Member/Director   (United Coalition of Charitible Services)

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